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Shopping Tips

10 Strategies to Get Best Online Discounts

Electronic retailers have years of experience of how to do business and how to attract customers to this ever increasing shopping community. They have ways to get the most money out of your wallet. Shoppers are no less savvy though and know many tricks how to get the best deals and discounts too. Here are 10 tips how:

1. Escape the dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing is a price differentiation when different customers get different pricing. This is based on demand, market factors, and your unique shopping and browsing patterns. Today’s websites can track your online activity, thanks to cookies, so merchants often know what you are looking for and can offer you a price, based on your browsed options. This means that you can buy the item cheaper or more expensive than other customers from a different computer and with different search record.

You should try to avoid this by erasing cookies and logging out of your account. Also try using your browser’s “private” or “incognito” window while shopping, because cookies don’t get saved this way.

2. Leave items in your cart, don’t finish buying

This strategy can be really rewarding. All you have to do is log into your account, pick your items, put them in your cart, and leave. Merchants will see this unfinished purchase and will definitely want to close the deal. You should get some coupons or a better price in a day or two. Not every website operates that way, but some do. Some known stores that do that are Bed, Bath & Beyond, Dick’s Sporting Goods, JC Penney, Macy’s, Office Max, Williams-Sonoma, and others. more

15 Stores with Best Coupons

Coupons can sometimes save you a ton of cash. Most people know it, but not all take time to look for them. Couponing is a time-consuming activity and not always worth your time because it takes too long to find a good and valid discount.

Looking for a random coupon while shopping might really be shooting in the dark, but knowing which stores usually have them can make life and saving money a lot easier. Some retailers are known to feature great coupons all the time, so shopping there you will definitely want to find a discount code before finishing the transaction.

Let’s look which stores carry great coupons all the time. The quantity is one thing, but we should also look into the quality, because only those two things together can make couponing worthwhile. The retailers below not only carry regular coupons, but let them apply to broad categories sitewide. After reading this article, you should never shop at any of those retailers without finding their coupons.

1. Snapfish

Do not get those photos at a sticker price ever again, because Snapfish always has coupons available to help you with your budget. Many codes are category-specific, but the selection is so wide that you will be able to cover your photo books, prints, and many other product types. You will often find 60% off the entire site and free shipping. Some restrictions apply, of course, and you will have a minimum purchase amount required. more

Amazon Prime Day and the Rest of the Retailers

In the middle of the summer heat the retailers in U.S. have the toughest time to lure potential buyers in. They have always used air conditioning and some deals for that purpose. We have always had Memorial Day sales, Christmas in July, clearance sales, back to school, Labor Day, and countless others sales to help stores survive the slow and thin season, which is known as summer.

No matter what was going on, no other brand in history had enough power to come up with its own sales day. Until Amazon that is.

Amazon Prime Day started four years ago and was exclusively for all Prime members. It has grown every year since in reach and scope. This year it’s the grandest yet. Amazon promises to discount 1 million products on the Prime Day that will span for two days, 16th -17th of July. The sale will cover its own products, like Echo and Fire devices, Twitch, a live-streaming device. It will also include Whole Foods, which is under Amazon umbrella since 2017, and thousands of items sold by Amazon.

There is no surprise that a major company like that wants to offset the slow summer. Amazon is big enough and can do anything it wants. What’s surprising is the reaction of other retailers. more

Differences between Kohl’s, JC Penney, Target, Macy’s, and Nordstrom

All of those department stores seem similar, but only until you walk in and see the differences. The main difference is the clientele each one of them serves.

Let’s look at Macy’s and Nordstrom first.

Nordstrom has never been a true department store. They are a specialty retailer and have been since 1960s when a local Seattle shoe store bought Best Apparel to become Nordstrom. The store has always had exclusive clientele in the Northwest and did not compete directly with Macy’s or department stores that were later purchased by Macy’s. Nordstrom and Macy’s stayed out of each other’s way by staying separated geographically – Macy’s in California and Nordstrom in Northwest.

Macy’s has always been a true department store. You were able to furnish your entire house with everything you need from the one-stop kind of store. You could by furniture, window treatments, bathroom essentials, sewing machines, fabric, toys, and visit shoe repair and hair salon on the way out. You could easily spend all day in Macy’s. Some of the departments were minimized since then.

One of Macy’s attraction points is the fact that Macy’s are available in almost every mall, so you will always find one close to your home. You will find a great variety of products, but will have to deal with less space and smaller walkways. more

10 Differences between Target and Walmart

Both Target and Walmart are major retailers, big-box sellers with giant stores to accommodate the high demands and large numbers of shoppers. They both cater to the same clientele and sell similar things. The differences between them start right at the door and can be seen in every step. As soon as you walk through Walmart automatic doors, you meet the “greeters”. The greeters are so “jolly” that you wonder if they operate a prison as their second job, or do they participate in sleep studies at night. Target greeters, if there are any, don’t do much “joy-spreading” either, but they look like more or less happy folk ready to take a smoke outside or chat with their buddies.

So what are the real differences both stores? Let’s take a look:

1. Quality

The prices are about the same, maybe slightly cheaper in Target. Quality is also similar, both retailers sell durable stuff. The main difference is when you come to style. Walmart has none. All clothes look like they were made for farmers or for heavy duty people moving stuff out of fire’s way.

If you want to get something cheap that is also stylish, trendy, and with nice colors, go to Target. If you are looking for something that will have a decent wear, but no style, will be frumpy, with weak colors that will scream “I’m poor” - go to Walmart. more

What are Promotional Codes and How Do They Work?

What are promotional codes?

Promotional Codes are a combination of alphabetic with numeric character groups that ecommerce sellers use to boost online shopping or buying. They are usually connected with a wide promotional marketing strategy. The price cut connected with a promotional code can be used on stand-alone products or total purchase.

How do they work?

Using a selected code can save you a certain dollar amount or a fraction of the purchase. There are some other ways the coupon codes work – they can be applied towards free shipping, free gift packaging, or free gifts with purchase. This is a great marketing platform to encourage customers to buy more products and spend more money.

As stated by Microsoft, a discount code, also known as promo code or coupon code is made of letters and numeric symbols. Often times it’s used for unique purposes and occasions, such as holiday marketing or yearly sales event. more

How to Use Coupon Codes and Promo Links

Applying online coupons is not any different than finding and clipping brick and mortar store paper coupons while shopping. The only difference is that instead of offering cashier paper promotions, you have to enter electronic code during your purchase. This code refers to a specific discount and that amount is eliminated from the transaction total. Those promotions vary from dollar amounts off to percentages, to deals on shipping, and free gifts.

How to find electronic promotional codes?

A while back, when electronic shopping was in its early stages, and the coupons just started circulating, it wasn’t easy to find them readily available on the retailer’s site. Coupons and codes were often found on related websites and were meant to lead potential buyers to the retail store. Currently, most retailers still have their coupons on related websites, but in addition offer promo codes on their own store’s page and send them out periodically to loyal customers through emails and newsletters.

The best way to find desired coupons is by going to a search engine and typing “coupon code” in the search window. Such search will give you a great list of websites that specialize in providing coupons. Buyers can visit a few of those websites and compare different coupons and savings offered. more