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Amazon Prime Day and the Rest of the Retailers

In the middle of the summer heat the retailers in U.S. have the toughest time to lure potential buyers in. They have always used air conditioning and some deals for that purpose. We have always had Memorial Day sales, Christmas in July, clearance sales, back to school, Labor Day, and countless others sales to help stores survive the slow and thin season, which is known as summer.

No matter what was going on, no other brand in history had enough power to come up with its own sales day. Until Amazon that is.

Amazon Prime Day started four years ago and was exclusively for all Prime members. It has grown every year since in reach and scope. This year it’s the grandest yet. Amazon promises to discount 1 million products on the Prime Day that will span for two days, 16th -17th of July. The sale will cover its own products, like Echo and Fire devices, Twitch, a live-streaming device. It will also include Whole Foods, which is under Amazon umbrella since 2017, and thousands of items sold by Amazon.

There is no surprise that a major company like that wants to offset the slow summer. Amazon is big enough and can do anything it wants. What’s surprising is the reaction of other retailers.

Just about every big-box retailer and department store is running some version of this Prime Day Sale. Nobody mentions Amazon by name, but July 16-17 period will be marked by various sales and great deals. Some stores will even copy the exact 36 hour period of sales. All of this activity has made this sales holiday a legitimate tradition that will no doubt continue in the future.

Let’s take a look at what are Amazon’s competitors going to do to return some revenue loss that is without a doubt due to ever-expanding online stores and their influence, especially Amazon.


Walmart has most of the things, which Amazon has, for sale too. This includes personal computers, streaming devices, home goods, toys, and clothing items. There are no clear dates of the sale, Walmart just urges the customers to buy while supplies and low prices last this season.


Target is mad and Target is going big. The store kept things under wraps until today, so it wasn’t clear what exact items will be on sale on July 17th. Target promised to have 25% off small appliances and beauty products, 30% off house brands, which is also tested by Amazon this year.

Best Buy

Best Buy is not making a secret of its sales; it’s all in the name: Big Deals Days. The timing will match Amazon’s to the minute too. Store-wide discounts will cover almost all categories, including TVs, computers, cameras, and drones.


The store is having Black Friday in July sale as its answer to Amazon. The two day sale is on clothing, home electronics, and accessories. The website features a big red clock to show customers how much time they have to empty their pockets online. Free shipping is also included.


All loyalty program members will enjoy 10% off everything on the site. Some other great deals will cover many different departments and items, like a free Google Home Mini smart speaker with $150 purchase.


The long-suffering chain is running a “doorbuster” sale that is inviting people to come for a visit for the first time in years. The online store is also serious about discounting some impressive merchandise.

All others

It would be hard to find a store that is not doing at least something special on July 17th. Everybody wants to ride Amazon’s bandwagon. Kohl’s is offering $10 off $50 for one day. Costco has discounts on furniture, appliances, and electronics. They claim the sale to last until supplies last, but they are definitely targeting July 17th. Even CVS pharmacy stepped up its game and is offering 20% off many items online. Dick’s Sporting Goods invites you to enjoy $20 off $100 until Tuesday. Office Depot joins Amazon and offers 60% off select products for the same 48 hours. GameStop has free shipping on pre-owned games for a day.

There are some retailers who decide to stay away and take a high road. Bloomingdales is one of those retailers, but even if they didn’t join sales for no reason, they have a banner saying that their loyal customers always have free shipping. Home Depot is not doing anything special, unlike Lowe’s. And there is nothing going at Apple. Some of these companies are doing great as is.